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Buying a Britax product is about more than buying a piece of baby equipment. It’s about buying 50 years of expertise, bucketloads of passion and an unwavering commitment to doing what’s best for the child.



At Britax we’re proud to be different. Different to the vast majority of car seat brands with their roots in toy or pram manufacturing. Our roots go deeper. Since the 1930s we’ve been closely involved with the developing automotive industry. Not just contributing to some of its major safety milestones – such as the first adult seat belt and the first child car seat – but becoming steeped in the technologies, research processes and safety engineering at the heart of the automotive world. We believe it’s this unique heritage that has set the standards of innovation and excellence that drive the brand today.


We’re so committed to designing and engineering car seats of unparalleled safety that we have our own crash test centres in Europe, Australia and America. Not only do we have more crash test centres than any other car seat brand, we’ve even developed bespoke equipment that enables us to go further and dig deeper to put every one of our products through their paces.

From crash simulations to duration tests, we will only launch a car seat once we’re totally confident that it will provide protection for your child in traffic collisions from any angle, including ones involving rollovers, and with the wear and tear of everyday family life.


We test for front impacts. Then rear impacts. Then side impacts. Then we test for rollovers too.
Our test centres enable us to simulate the very different impacts of front, side and rear collisions as well as rollovers – at speeds of up to 65 km/h. We assess the effects of these collisions on different parts of the body to fine-tune and finesse our 360-degree protection.

We buckle. We unbuckle. And we repeat 14,599 times.
We know that parents need total confidence that their child is securely fastened in their car seat throughout every journey. So we reproduce buckling and unbuckling up to 4 times a day for 10 years

We recreate 1,460 days of moving a seat between cars.
We invented ISOFIX back in 1997 in collaboration with Volkswagen. Now much of the world uses it to set the standard. We test our ISOFIX connectors by simulating 4 years of moving the seat between two cars daily

We test a seat. We test it differently. Then we test it again.
We will only launch a new seat once we are totally confident in the tiniest of details. For us that means testing in different configurations, as individual component parts, or as a total seat over 250 times.

We test and learn with real cars.
Approximately 89% of all new cars tested by EuroNCAP used at least one of our seats for their 2014 safety testing. This means that our seats are continually tested in the cars you drive and our development process is constantly informed by the latest understanding of automotive technology.

We punish every pushchair with mud, sand and potholes.
Each pushchair is pushed through the equivalent of mud and sand for 16 hours. Then it’s pushed over 400 km of bumpy potholes. Then its brakes are turned on and off 6,000 times.

We insist on gentle fabrics for delicate skin.
We set our own rigorous standards for fabric testing on all of our car seats, pushchairs and accessories. We go far beyond the legal requirements by testing more chemicals and testing against stricter levels. And we’re continually seeking ways to go further in making our fabrics are a gentle choice for children’s delicate skin.

We test with real families not just machines.
We conduct consumer testing at different stages throughout our product development process. To ensure not just the quality and functionality of every product, but to check that we aren’t missing any of the small details that may make a big difference to everyday family life. From early prototyping for space, comfort and ease of use, to extensive in-field testing over several weeks. During development and even post launch we constantly analyse consumer feedback and integrate these valuable learnings into our product evolution.







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